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Answer Questions on Yahoo!


Yahoo Answers is a subsidiary of yahoo.com, which is a social networking site that allows you to ask questions, answer questions, and earn points in the process.  This is a rich source of traffic for your website.   It is free to join and users are encouraged to cite links or link to sites that would help them defend or confirm their answers.   Your targeted traffic is the members and millions of online users looking for answers to their questions.

 They display their Top ranked members in their Leader Board for almost all countries to motivate members to participate more and increase their scores.  You earn 2 points for an answer and deducted 5 points for each question. There is no monetary reward though. As a “Yahoo Answers” user, you can therefore link to your own website. 

Building internet traffic to your website is a fairly simple process.  The only thing you need to do is demonstrate your value in front of your target audience.  In other words, you need to look for places where your target market spends time while online and then find a way to put a little sample of your expertise right in that spot, along with a link back to your website.

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