Rav SMO | Advantages of Squidoo
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Advantages of Squidoo

Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create content (called lenses) for subjects of interest. You can write and submit interesting content to Squidoo with backlinks to your blog or website.

Lenses are ranked according to traffic, Squid likes, comments, social media, Amazon sales, and other factors. No one knows exactly how a lens rank is calculated, but the rank is important for payment purposes (more on that in a minute).

  1. Squidoo has Google ad sense and info links on Squidoo pages which earn money. The money earned is put into a sort of pool. Lens masters each get a cut of the earnings based on the ranking of their lenses.
  2. There are sales modules(Amazon and eBay) that you can add to your page when someone buys something Squidoo get paid. They split the earnings with you 50/50.
  3. If you own a product, you can sell it on your Squidoo page and make money
  4. Writing on Squidoo and linking to your website can be an effective way to give your backlinks.
  5. You can write reviews and share your affiliate links on Squidoo.
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