Rav SMO | Multiply your network through Google+
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Multiply your network through Google+

Google Plus can be overwhelming to use. The site itself is huge, and it seems like features are being added before you have a chance to master what’s already there—hey, it’s Google, what did we expect? Google is always innovating, and G+ is no exception. So, just how can you best use this social media platform? First, let’s establish its primary uses:

  • To meet new people
  • To connect with prospective customers
  • To deepen relationships with your consumers

Now, let’s talk about how you can use G+ productively.

  1. Tag people.One of the best ways to get noticed on G+ is to tag people. Tagging can accomplish two things. First, it ensures the person tagged sees your post. Second, it can prompt them to interact with you.
  2. Set up Google Authorship.This is also known as using the “rel=author tag” on your blog. Thanks to Google Authorship, you will see your photo beside your published content in Google search results.
  3. Use Google+ Events to launch products.Google+ Events will automatically e-mail your social circles about a scheduled launch while simultaneously adding the event to any user’s calendar who accepts the event invitation.
  4. Incorporate keywords.In 2014, keyword optimization has seen some massive evolution in SEO. But keywords still have a place on G+. You can use keywords in your profile page, which is uniquely effective should you want to be associated with them for either your business or blog.
  5. Use images.Images are a great way to generate greater attention. Some of the “geeks” recommend uploading the image separately because it comes up bigger and generates more attention. Create a new title, and subsequently tag the person from the original post for maximum exposure.
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