Rav SMO | Quora as a blogging platform
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Quora as a blogging platform

Quora is a Q&A network but it can drive targeted traffic to your website if you help others to solve their problems. Unlike Yahoo Answers, Quora is a quality network and is used by many influencers so it’s simply not easy to get a backlink like we get from Yahoo Answers. There are a number of unique advantages to using Quora as a blogging platform:

Ability to integrate your Quora answers into your Quora blog  This is insanely valuable for me.  None of my Quora answers end up on my WordPress blog.  Thus, I have 4-5x the content on Quora that I do on my WordPress blog.  It’s thus 10x-50x better.

Upvotes and chance to get new viewers  Upvotes work.  If you get them on Quora, people will see your blog.  You can’t create this viewer loop on WordPress. You can see 63,349 Views on the Blog post below.  All of them are readers / viewers I’d be unlikely to get otherwise.

Comments rock  The comments on Quora are really terrific, from real, verified users, with great thoughts.  10x better than I’ve seen otherwise.

Different readers  The readers I have on Quora are different people, for the most part, than read my standalone blog.  That alone is a force multiplier right there.

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