Rav SMO | Yahoo Answers to Drive Targeted Traffic
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Yahoo Answers to Drive Targeted Traffic


Yahoo! Answers is one of the most popular Q&A site on the web. Thanks to the millions of loyal Yahoo! users. There is a category for each subject on Yahoo! Answers. Just write blog posts on common issues and answer the questions asked by users with a reference to your website. It will send you good referral traffic.

Answers.yahoo.com is a forum where you can post a question you need answered.  You can also provide answers for those questions you have answers to.  The beauty of this forum is that you can set up your account with a link to your own website, allowing readers of your answers to click through to your website for more information.

Yahoo. Answers is a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your website because you can select only those questions whose answers you specialize in.  You can select the exact questions where you can provide the most value.  And when you leave that value on the forum, the precise people you want will be the ones who read it

Building website traffic isn’t difficult.  It doesn’t even cost a lot of money.  It just takes time and a little know-how.  Yahoo Answers is a perfect example and I hope you take advantage of that resource and start building an identity for yourself and letting the internet take care of the rest.  You’ll be amazed at the benefits you can receive by giving away your expertise for free.

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